How Do You Write "Wind" In Arabic?


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You want to know how can you translate and right the word "wind" in Arabic language. It is very simple. Wind has many alternates in the Arabic language. So first of all we should understand which one is most suited to our translation. If air is blowing calmly then it would be translated as "Reehun" in Arabic and it is pronounced as "Reeh" when we need to speak it. There are some other words in Arabic language to define the air which blowing very fast and we call it wind in English.    The best Arabic translation that can be given to the word wind is "sarsarun" which means a fast wind. And this word is also used in the one of the oldest and most authentic books of Arabic. And that book is the message of God i.e The Holy Qur'an. So we can write wind in Arabic as "sarsarun" and it will be spoken as "Sarsar" when we need to speak it.  It has basically 2 Arabic alphabets. And they are "Su'aad" & "Raw". So this is the way in which we can write the wind in Arabic.
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Very interesting. But please expalin what you mean in your last sentence, I didn't understand it.
And please: What is the plural of RIH, is it RIAH or ARIAH ? Is it true that ARIAH means only "body winds" in spoken Arabic? Could it have been a regular plural in classical Arabic ?
Thank you and hear from you again! Bruno
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