Why Was Richard I Called Richard The Lionheart?


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Richard I was born in 1157 and took the throne of England on the death of Henry II, his father. He was a crusader, which meant travelling to Palestine and all over Eastern Europe as a religious gesture and as an adventure and as a conquering force.

Richard was engaged in many conflicts in his time in the East; he was extremely courageous in battle, particularly against Saladin, who he defeated. He was kept prisoner by Emperor Henry VI of Austria for a time but his ransom was paid and he was recrowned in 1194. In his absence from England, Phillip of France had taken a large part of Normandy that used to be in Richard's possession, so Richard immediately invaded France to get it back.

Richard was flayed by a barbarian leader in a dispute when he returned to crusading and this killed him, at the age of only 42. Writings of the time record he was very brave, frank and open and liberal and generous, which is probably where he gets the 'lionheart' label. However, he was also known for being haughty and violent and unjust, and is regarded by many historians as a vicious tyrant.
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Because. He was eleanor of Aquitaine's son and rebelled against his father several times

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