Who Was Martin Bormann?


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Martin Bormann, born in 1900, was a German Nazi politician and later one of Hitler's personal advisors. Bormann began his political career in his twenties, but was sentenced to prison for taking part in a political assassination during the days of the Weimar Republic.

Bormann joined the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in 1927. After the 1933 Nazi take-over, Rudolf Hess gave Bormann a key position among government ministers. In 1941, Bormann became Party Chancellor, following Hess's escape from Germany.

In 1943, Bormann assumed the title "the Fuhrer's Secretary" and had significant political authority. Bormann vanished after Hitler's suicide in 1945 and was sentenced in absentia at Nuremberg. Bormann was never actually found alive, despite reports that he had fled to South America and had started a new life there. In 1973, however, human remains were found in the Federal Republic of Germany and these were believed to be those of Bormann. He was then officially considered deceased by Frankfurt's prosecutor, even though doubts lingered as to the identity of the remains.

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