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The name Martin has its roots in Latin and its meaning is ‘dedicated to Mars’. Mars was the Roman God of war, the son of Juno and Jupiter and is considered to be very mighty. His festival is held in March and October. Its original form in Latin was ‘Martinus’ and some of the variations of the name are Martins, Martinez, Marten, Martyn, Martine and many more.  
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As a noun martin commonly refers to any of a variety of swallows. For instance there is the purple martin or the house martin. Martin is a also a common first name as well as a common family name in the majority of the European languages. Martin has its roots in the Latin name Martinus, a diminutive version of Martis, which is the genitive case of Mars, the Roman god. Thus it is usually used to mean "Of Mars," or, in a more causal sense, "Warlike."

Martin could refer to Martyn, the name of an eminent Irish family.

The name has grown in popularity among Protestants thanks to Martin Luther. Even among Native Americans, the name is commonly given as homage to the prominent leader Martin Luther King. There are also numerous places that have the name Martin.
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