Where Does The Word 'Chocolate' Come From?


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The word Chocolate basically refers to a variety of raw and processed food items that are made from a seed of tropical cacao tree.

The word Chocolate has originated from Aztecs of Mexico. It is derived from a nahuatl language word xocilatl. This word is a combination of xocolli which means bitter and atl which means water.

Actually the Aztec people associated chocolate with Xochiquetzal who was the goddess of fertility.
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The truth is, the history of chocolate is very extensive, the truth is, I come from Mexico and there is a very coarse culture about chocolate, not only is it a bar, in fact, it is the essence of a very coarse culture, it is what I like about my beautiful Mexico, The truth is that the essence of a tasty chocolate, I still cannot find it abroad but these chocolates are similar to the ones I bought in my Mexico

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Hi do you know where the word chocolate came from?

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