What Does The Name Torrey Mean?


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The name Torrey most likely means 'lives by the tower'. It is probably of Celtic origin. However it has several alternate definitions. In French it is believed to mean 'potter', having been derived from terre meaning earth. In Irish it is thought to be the anglicised version of the name Mac Toirdhealbhaigh.

Torrey is most popular as a last name and shares its name with several places particularly in the United States of America. Although its use as a first name is rare it is occasionally given solely to baby boys.

A few prominent personalities with the name Torrey include- E. Fuller Torrey an American researcher and psychologist of some repute. John Torrey was an American botanist. Marjorie Torrey was an American writer and illustrator. Raymond H. Torrey was an American outdoorsman. There is also an American evangelist by the name of Reuben Archer Torrey.

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