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Stewart meaning the best mean stewart
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The name Stewart is used both as a first name and a last name. it is a popular masculine first name (as well as a last name) in English-speaking countries. The correct pronunciation of the name is either Stoo-art (the correct pronunciation is Stoo-ert) or Styoo-art (the correct pronunciation is Styoo-ert). The name Stewart has two syllables. The first of the two syllables is stoo or styoo, and the second syllable is art, which is not pronounced the same way as the word art, but as ert.

The word Stewart is derived from an occupational surname. It originally belonged to a person who was a steward by profession. It is derived from a combination of two Old English words, the word stig, which means house and the word weard, which means guard. Other names which are related the name Stewart are Stew, Stu and Stuart.

Some famous personalities who had the last name Stewart are Alec Stewart, the former England cricketer (wicket keeper/batsman) who is a former captain of the England cricket team, Rod Stewart, the British rock star and James Stewart, a popular Hollywood actor of yesteryears.

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