What Is The Origin Of Magic?


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Magic meant the use of mystic words and the claiming of supernatural power to do things which generally couldn't be done. It was used by priests and medicine men to convince the people they had power in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. But magic as we know it is a form of entertainment. There is some trick behind the magic, but we like it.

In the ancient world every court had magicians. Magicians weren't so clever in that time. They used to perform in the market place for all who passed by. There tricks were very simple. The first book on magic was bought out in 1584; magicians were practicing their tricks long before that.

In the medieval time magician started to travel city to city even from country to country on a regular basis. In that age they began to give bigger shows with more equipment and performed in stores and halls. From the early part of 19th century the kind of magic shows we know today began to be performed. Magicians started to use heavy equipment but that depended on their personal skill. A French magician, Robert Houdin is considered the father of the modern magic. He improved the magic equipment and brought together a great deal of knowledge on how to present tricks.
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Magic does not 'start', magic 'is'. When humans say magic they refer to a little trick that someone can do that seems unreal while the real definition of using 'magic' is to harness the life force around ones self and bend it to one's will. For instance, fire eaters use magic unknowingly all the time. They understand what fire is and what it can do therefore understanding the life force of fire. By doing this they allow themselves to become open to the fire life force and do what they want with it. Hope this helps.

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