What Are The Importance Of A Dictionary?


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Dictionaries are important for many reasons beyond the obvious looking up of definitions of pronunciations of words.  In August of 1992 I purchased a new 1990 printing of the Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary and I still keep it within reach of my desk.  By nature of my job, I am sitting at a computer with ready internet dictionaries and thesauruses and all of the possible grammar checking tools on person could ever think to need.  I will 8 out of 10 times turn to the dictionary.  Why?

While sites like dictionary.com are wonderful and informative, I find it easier to pick up the book, flip a few times and locate what it is that I need.  This also forces me to type instead of taking cut and paste shortcuts for definitions.  Typing, much like writing will help the spellings and definitions stick with you longer.  The more often I do this, the less often I feel the need to.  There is something comforting with an old tool, which even if considered obsolete, still maintains their validity and appeal. 

Word etymology, punctuation, usages, and synonyms are but a few of the uses for my dictionary.  Many times I will be searching for Abbreviations and symbols for chemical elements, Biographical or Geographical names, signs and symbols relating to math, flowcharting, astronomy or business finance.  All of these things along with some other interesting tidbits make the dictionary a great tool to keep readily available.  Whenever the power goes out or even just the internet, the kids may need to revert to the old fashioned print method of looking up their spelling words. 

If you don’t have a good dictionary, it could be a good gift suggestion for your friends and family or even for yourself.
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The Dictionary is a book that contains a list of words in alphabetical order with their meanings explained.  Its importance are:  Helps in getting the meaning of unknown words.  Helps in learning new words.

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