What If You Were Granted Three (3) Wishes?


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Jane Snow answered
That all sickness would be destroyed forever,My second one would be Love instead of hate because the world needs more love showed and compassion.3 And for all the children that does not have a mother are Father to be able to have a family that will love them and take care of them.These are mine luv japeace
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  • A trip to heaven for proof
  • For unlimited wishes
  • exact money in pocket when needed
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Dena May answered

  • 1st wish have my daughter back

  • 2nd wish have God as our number one at all times

  • 3rd her and I to finally meet a real man whom can show her what kind of a man she would need to marry.
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Dena May
Dena May commented
Thank you DK without my fellow Christian friends like you here I would be back down in the dumps. Thank you so much for the encouragement also. Penny and you believe it is going to happen. I just keep praying and praying just like the both of you have said. Thanks again
nettie commented
Don't worry Dena,god is handling that also , we just have to be strong for his time is not our time but he is never late and is always on time..my prayers are with you always,don't think you are alone in your quest...peace
Reed Bernard
Reed Bernard commented
I am so sorry. I will pray for you every day that you get her back soon!
you can call me WOLF Profile
I would wish that:

~I would be able to live happily for a long time.

~People didn't have to suffer

~I would be able to go on an amazing adventure that ended relatively happily!

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1.) That everyone who has children or who are planning to have children are great parents to those children in every way.
2.) Hate would be abolished (this would accomplish A LOT in the world)
3.) That I was very wealthy...... I would share ;o)
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Mati green answered
Yall have such nice answers..... But we all know that the first wish would be for MONEY. I'm not ashamed to say my first wish would be for money.....LOTS of it. Then Id give the other 2 wishes away so they can wish for world peace and unification of all religions.
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  1. That every last individual on the planet knew the Lord as I do.

  2. See #1.

  3. See #1.
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debra johnsons answered
I would wish that evil was gone from existence,
That disease be cured
That every person on the earth could have lots and lots of money.
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nettie answered
(1)cleanse the world of all evil (2)protect and provide for those who need it (3) a financial blessing to enable me to help others that are less fortunate..that is my story and I'm sticking to it...
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Anonymous answered
I would ask that people take accountability for themselves and the truth that their creator saw value in them, rather than be so embarrassed and ashamed of their own ability that they rely on others and idle gossip to define themselves.  It is a shame isn't it, when people rely on others to stand in their stead for what is important to themselves, and cannot seem to define themselves outside of that.

I would hope we all connect with ourselves and our Master first, ourselves as a matter of fact, and then with others second.

I would hope that each of us wishes always to be better, and more, to our full capacity. I would hope each wishes others same.

I would ask we demand of ourselves our full capacity, and when we cannot, that we are surrounded with friends who love us to help us do that, rather than wish to harm.
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suman kumar answered
My first wish would be to immediately have kids that too twins loll
Second one would be love and peace everywhere in the world.
Third one would be not leave this site. In last few days I have been thinking of quiting this site, I might leave in few days time.
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Pamela Krueger
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I certainly hope you do not leave blurtit, as we have grown quite fond of you! Sometimes we just have to take a "breather" and stay away for a few days or weeks and then come back again. You've put a lot of work into all of you questions and answers and your beautiful pictures...♥
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I would wish for gms technology to start netting an income of at least 7,000 dollars a month starting immediately. I would wish for a 2009 honda accord car that was paid for and in my name. I would wish for good health for my family and I for the next 5 years.
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1. A beautiful, good, female, Caucasian, modifiable, benevolent, real genie to grant my every good wish. 2. A magic computer with free online ability, able to get me all of whatever material things I want, whether or not they exist. 3. An endless, limitless tax-free cash flow in very large amounts of money whenever I ask for it.
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I would wish for every day the gennie wuld come grant me a wish my first one
the second would be smae as above but it he would grant it to my mom
the third one I need help from you guyz.. Need to write in an essay as I would have everything every day I hope... ;)
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Sane Mori answered

•That my  dear friend won't have to hurt anymore.

•For the fighting to finally end or at least, let the one who deserves it most to win.

•No harm will come to anyone I care about.

Glen Thornbury Profile
Glen Thornbury answered
(1) A cure for AIDS!
(2) A cure for Agent Orange!
(3) The hungry are eat everyday in the World!

AND YOU AS ARM CANDY! But that is 4!
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1.To be financially independent. 2 To end world poverty. 3 To have good relationship with God and his son Jesus.
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1 : People never would get crushed by vehicles or by bomb explosion
2 : I would like to see my parents happy  every day
3 : One more time the earth should become peacefully
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brian ward answered
1. I would wish for a bigger penis around 9 inches 2 inches thick
2. I would wish for bigger testicles 3 inches longer
3. I wish I was a better basketball player than I was before

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