What Does The Name Sutton Mean?


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The word Sutton is commonly used as a place name. There are many places in United Kingdom and United States of America.

The term Sutton is considered to have an Anglo –Saxon origin. Sutton is composed of two words – 'sut' or 'suth' and 'ton' or 'tun'. The first word 'sut' or 'suth' generally means south. It was also taken to mean 'flax'. It is so because flax was grown in that area. The two terms 'sut' and 'ton' are Old English in origin.

The second word 'tun' is Saxon in origin. This word has many translations and could mean a settlement or a farm, a town, as well as an enclosure. There are many connotations of this words and are still increasing. The whole term 'Sutton' thus means 'south settlement or south village or south farmstead'.
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Sutton is a name for males. It is used as a first name for boys. It is a name which has originated form Old English and it indicates a southern settlement. This name has been derived from the name of a place which existed during those times. in the modern times this word is very rarely used as a first name and is more well known and common as a surname.

Thus it is one of those names that were acquired from a location. It is derivation of two Anglo-Saxon words "sudh" meaning south and "tun" meaning town. It is also an ancient family name and referred to an old and powerful family who resided in Southtown during those times. This name dates back to even before the 11th century England and has a glorious and colourful history.
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The name Sutton, pronounced as sut-ton, is a boy's name of Old English origin. It is a very rare first name but an extremely popular surname. Sutton is a place name and has the meanings:
  • Southern Settlement; and
  • Sunny
Names that sound like the name Sutton are Seaton, Seton and Seeton. Famous people with this name include Oliver Sutton who was the bishop of Lincoln and Robert Sutton who fought in the army of Charles 1.
The first record of this name was on 1806
during the reign of King William with the spellings Sudtone by Ketel de Sudtone. The spellings of the name changed with time.
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The word sutton dirives from the yiddish word sÑo`^tyoone which means "place where milk is stored prior to market

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