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The word 'solution' is a noun that has three main and individual meanings. Firstly, it may refer to a mixture of two or more substances. This definition does not necessarily mean that the two substances are in water, which is a common misconception. They may be solids, liquids, gases or even a combination of all three of them. For example, salt (a solid) can be dissolved in water (a liquid) to form a homogenous mixture, which is a solution.

However this does not mean that the water is the solution. The liquid that the solid dissolves in is called the solvent and the soluble substance (the salt) is called the solute. This is the chemical explanation for the term solution. An example of a gaseous solution is air, which contains a combination of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and a tiny percentage of other gases. An example of a solid solution is steel which is a solution of carbon atoms in a crystalline mixture of iron atoms.

There are also several other definitions of the word solution. It may also refer to the condition of a solid being dissolved but this is metaphorical. In mathematics, the term solution can mean the result of solving an equation or the root of a function.

In military jargon, a solution refers to a course of action for example, a firing solution or navigational solution. In business, a solution is a product, service or a combination of both which is said to solve a business or consumer's problem. In legal terms, solution is referring to law payment or the satisfaction of a claim or the act of separating or breaking up a dissolution.

Another definition of solution may refer to the process of method of solving a problem or the answer or disposition of a problem.
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In chemistry, a solution is defined as a homogeneous mixture which is composed of two or more substances. In that mixture, a solute is dissolved in another substance which is called as solvent.

If a salt is mixed in water, the mixture is called a solution. Salt is called the solute and water is the solvent.

Gases may dissolve in liquids and liquids may also be dissolved in other liquids to form a solution.
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A liquid containing another substance dissolved in it. The answer to an explanation or problem.
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The word solution has different meanings depending on context of its usage. Following are all those different meanings:
A solution is homogeneous mixture of two or more substances, which may be solids, liquids, gases, or a combination of these AND/OR The process of forming such a mixture AND/OR The state of being dissolved.
Solution word is also very commonly used for The method or process of solving a problem AND/OR The answer to or disposition of a problem.
In legal terms, Solution word is used regarding
Law Payment or satisfaction of a claim or debt AND/OR The act of separating or breaking up a dissolution.
Do Visit: Usage Of Word Solution In Different Contexts And Its Synonyms.
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Solution is a noun which has three alternate meanings. Firstly it may mean a homogeneous mixture consisting of two or more substances. These may be liquids, gases or solids or even a combination of all three of them. For instance sugar which is a solid dissolved in water which is quite obviously a liquid.

The substance in which a soluble substance dissolves is called a solvent, and the soluble substance is scientifically referred to as a solute. For instance, if Benzene is dissolved in a water solution then benzene will be the solute while water is the solvent.

Secondly solution may allude to the state or condition of being dissolved.

Thirdly solution may indicate the process or method of solving a problem, for instance, 'That housing problem has no easy solution only complex ones' or 'god has the solution to all your problems'.
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"Solution"  means two things.  1. A liquid substance   &   2. An answer to a problem.
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Solution is when, solid particles disappear and the other particles separate from each other.
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To dissolve in with two or more substances!
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In science, solution is the homogeneous mixture of two or more substances. The substance present in large quantity is known as solvent while the substance in small quantity is known as solute. In solution the proportion of the substances is not fixed. Example of solution is the mixture of water and sugar, in which water is the solvent while sugar is the solute. All solutions show the characteristics in which an interaction takes place between the solvent phase and solute molecules or ions. Eventually as a result there is a net decrease in free energy.

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