What Is Structured And Unstructured Decision?


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Structured decisions are the decisions which are made under the established situations while unstructured decisions are made under the emergent situation. Structured decisions are the programmable decisions and they are preplanned while unstructured decisions are creative and they are not preplanned. Structured decisions are made in the situations which are fully understood while in unstructured decisions the situations are uncertain and unclear. Structured decisions are generally made for routine tasks while unstructured decisions are made for a sudden one-shot kind of situations. Moreover, structured decisions are made for specified processes like specialized manufacturing processes while unstructured decisions are made for general processes
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Structured decision are decision made for programmed and preplanned situation yet unstructured are decision made for emergent they are not preplanned.for example if fire break there and then manager can make decision unplanned.
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Structured decisions are those types of decision which are taken following a pre-established model (abstract representation of reality). No brain storming is required in taking decision rather establishing the model. Generally, line managers take these types of decisions according the models prepared by the top level managers to perform there job.
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Structured or Pragrammed decisions are the ones where the organization has already faced such decisions. And the employees are used to solving such problems. For instance the hiring of new IT specialists in a firm.
The unstructured decisions are the non-programmed decisions that are happening for the first time. For instance, dealing with a labor strike in a factory.
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Structured information is information ordered in a particular way with a
title and maybe a picture or graph. Unstructured is just a random piece
of information

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