What Is The Tagalog Term Of Mathematics?


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There are two words for 'mathematics' in Tagalog: 'matematika' and 'sipnayan'. 

Sipnayan appears more popular, with 'matematika' perhaps a more formal name for the subject. You could also use 'palatuusan', which means 'arithmetic.'

As a former US colony that still has close ties to the US, a former possession of Spain, and as a nation in its own right, the Philippines has a spread of languages across its hundreds of islands. 

English is predominant in some parts, with Tagalog, or Filipino as it is sometimes called, more used in others. Tagalog is the primary language for the island on which the capital, Manila, is situated.

More Maths Terms in Tagalog

Here's a list of commonly used math terms in Tagalog. Hopefully this should be enough to get you through an algebra class:

Fraction - Praksiyon

Number - numero

Division - paghahati

Addition - dagdag

Subtract - magbawas

Multiply - magparami

Sum - kabuuan

To learn the basics of maths in Tagalog, it might help to go back to the basics of maths! Try this short film on multiplying in Tagalog and see how you get on:

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