What Does The Name Pasha Mean?


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The word Pasha can be interpreted based on its origin. As a variant of Paul it is believed to of Russian origin. In this way it was a name for both boys and girls. The name Paul from which it is derived from means "little". Pasha can also refer to a Turkish title which was later adopted as a name, especially a last name. The word Pasha was derived from the Persian "padshah". The word Pasha as an Ottoman title means "Sir".

Several Turkish notables had the last name of Pasha including Enver Pasha who was a Turkish nationalist, Mehmed Faud Pasha a Turkish statesman, Ismail Pasha an Egyptian khedive of Egypt, Abbas Pasha a Persian prince etc. Pasha was also used as a family name in England as well examples include Hobart Pasha who was an English naval commander.

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