Why Is Good Spelling Important?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Whether people like it or not, spelling counts, people reading our words will trip over a poorly spelled document like someone badly attempting the one hundred and ten metre hurdles. Good spelling says as much about the writer as their work. Imagine commercial work that was all messed up? Let me give you two examples. I was once wandering around Leicester looking for places to find a travel agent to sell my tickets to Australia. I found a small personal firm, I like small firms, the personal touch, but I just could not buy a ticket from a man who could not spell the destination of my flight, Sidney, Australia. :o)

The second was when I was considering changing mobile telephone providers, I was on the London underground and reading a great ad for one of the big providers. But the ad told me that they treat their CUSTOMERS well. Well, I don't think I want to buy something from someone whose million pound ad campaign wasn't proof read!

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