What Does Point Of View Mean?


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O.k., imagine looking through a camera lens, you are at one angle when looking through there, and then, take two steps to the left, and look through the camera lens again. You aren't going to see the same thing from that moved two steps are you? Now, think about each angle, each is different. These are two different points of view. Do you get what I am saying? So then, put that to something like a conversation, say you think bread is good, and the person you are talking to doesn't think so.
This is also a point of view, you see it one way, and the other person sees it another way. Does that help you out? I hope so, good luck to you.
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Point of view is the way you look at something 
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Well if you ask for a person's point of view on something, it is basically asking them their views and outlook on that topic. What they think about something.
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Thr are 3 point of views
first person= you see or hear the person tell the story
2nd person= 2 ppl tell the story movies
3rd person= 3 or more people

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