What Is The Definition Of Physical Development?


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Physical development means the progress of a child’s control over his body. This includes control over muscles, physical coordination, ability to sit and stand. These are the initial developments in a child’s growth. And with age, there are many more developments that the take place.

Development over the years

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Physical development describes the way the body gains skills and becomes more complex in its performance. Included in this development are also the less visible skills like hearing, vision, taste, smell and touch.
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Physical development concentrate on the physical growth and the development of both gross(eg. Walking) and fine motor(eg. Finger movement) control of the body.
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Physical is development in different ways such as
  •   Shape changes.
  •   Growth of hair.
  •   Teeth growing.
  •   Learning to speak.
  •   Getting taller
  •   Control over body.
  •   Physical coordination
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Physical Development is the development of bodily movement and control. It can be divided into two main areas. The gross motor skills & the fine motor skills.
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I think physical development is the growth of physical skills such as your gross and fine manipulative skills and your gross and fine motor skills. This includes the growth and control of your muscles and your body, growth of balance and agility.
Motor skills are movement of your body parts big and small and manipulative skills are the movement and control of an object such as controlling a pencil in your hand and writing with it.
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It is the development of bodily movements and control. It can be divided into two main areas .the grosss motor skills and the fine motor skills.

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