What Is The Definition Of Intellectual Development?


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Intellectual development simply refers to the growth of children in such a way that their brain becomes more and more capable of understanding, analysing and evaluating concepts to make sense out of the world around them. It has been found out that if parents have children quickly one after the another, their mental or intellectual development is less than if they space out their children by family planning or other means.
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Omg that answer isnt true and if you finished your child development course using that then i'm surprised you didn't fail
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Intellectual development is how a child starts to understand their environment and gain knowledge. E.g. Developing skills like concentration, sharing and reading. This also refers to a child's ability to learn, understand, recognise and reason.
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Intellectual Development simply means the development of the mind regardless of age.
This is affected by surroundings which include people, places and anything any of their 5 senses can grasp. Development of the mind is the intellect expanding as the mind expands and understands.

Go_on is right but went a little too far.
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Intellectual development refers to the development of the mind.  A child's mind is very active right from birth.  As children learn to think, reason and explain, their intellectual development is progressing.
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Intellectual development is the result of hereditary characteristics due to environmental factors.
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INTELECT-is some thing to do with mental ability;INTELECTUAL DEVELOPMENT-means mental development or ability to think.
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The way children learn to speak depending on the opportunity they have.

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