What Is Intellectual Ability?


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Intellectual ability is similar to your IQ. It is where your ability to work in an intellectual way is stronger than most others. Although people with intellectual ability are said to be clever or smart, there are many different kinds of ability so you should not feel that if you do not have intellectual ability then you are not brainy or clever.

There are different ways of measuring intellectual ability. Some of these are;

  • IQ testing
Testing someone's IQ can be done online, although these tests are not always accurate. You can also have your IQ tested in school or college. Just ask your guidance tutor about it and they will be able to tell you the best place in your area to go to get this done.

  • Basic exams
Tutors can see from exam results whether a child has intellectual ability. Most children do, although some children have much more advanced intellectual ability than others. There is no real way of telling intellectual ability from an exam paper but tutors will be able to make a judgment on this.

There are a lot of different kinds of ability, intellectual ability usually takes into account math and science and more traditional educational subjects. Other people may have a more emotional ability or a more artistic ability. These are just different and do not signal that one kind of ability is more superior than another. It just shows that intellectual ability is easier to measure by tests and exams than the other kinds. 

If you are told that your child has intellectual ability by his or her tutors, you should try to nurture this by asking your child if they are happy to do extra curricular educational activities to advance this skill further.
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Its made up of seven basic dimensions I-e number aptitude,verbal comprehension,inductive reasoning,deductive reasoning,perceptual speed,spatial visualization & memory.
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Intellectual ability is what you are able to do with brain, your intelligence, granted we all vary, but I say it all evens out in the end as someone may be strong in math, someone else in litterature or communications, etc. We are all equal, just different
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Ability to understand complex concepts and draws inferences between content areas
    * Intuitively knows before taught
    * Uses an extensive vocabulary
    * Does in-depth investigations
    * Learns rapidly in comparison to peers
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