What Does The Name Hector Mean?


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The male given name Hector is of Greek origin and means "steadfast". Quiet a few well known people share the first name Hector for example, Hector, the prince of Troy.

On the basis of Greek mythology, Hector was a Trojan prince as well as the greatest warrior of the Trojan War. Hector was the son of Priam and Hecuba. Initially he did not support the idea of war between Achaeans and the Trojans and prior to the war had proposed the idea of a duel between his brother Paris and Menelaus to put and end to the possible thought of a war.

In spite of the fact that Hector was Pagan, he has been listed as one of the Nine Worthies by Jean de Longuyon on the basis of his bravery and chivalrous spirit.

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