What Does The Name Geneva Mean?


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Geneva Laster answered
It means juniper tree, or as a female name, woman of the people
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Lovika Grover answered
It is a female name, and an English word. It is actually shortened from the word Genevieve or can also be taken from the city in Switzerland. Geneva is the most populated city in Switzerland. It is located where the Lake Geneva merges into Rhone River. Its metropolitan area extends into France and Vaud.

It is an international city mainly because of various international organizations. It also has European. It has the 2nd highest quality of living in the world. It has a service oriented economy. The airport of this place is Geneva contain international airport. Public transport is by bus, trolleybus or tram. It also has university of Geneva. The sport these people prefer the most is football and has a famous club Servette FC.

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