What Does The Name Irvine Mean?


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The name Irvine is used as masculine name. This name has its origin in Gaelic phrase- 'wiryr afon'. Wiryr afon means 'fresh water'. Thus, Irwine could be equated to 'someone who is cheerful or jovial. This corresponds to the flowing quality of fresh water. It has four variants: Earwin, Ervin, Irvin and Irvinq. Irvine can be shortened as Viney which could be used as 'whiney'. Irv is also another short name for Irvine. Irv could mean Perv (Pervert). Viney and Irv are used as teasing nicknames. Ervine, Irvyn, Irven, Orvin, Arvin and Irwinn are some other variants for this name.

According to the census conducted in United States of America in 1990, this name Irvine was not used popularly. Irvine is a popular surname. This has two origins- Irish and Scottish.

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