What Does The Name Ginger Mean?


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The name 'Ginger' is an English name for a female which may either be short form of the name 'Virginia', or simply after the spice or the reddish-brown colour.

Ginger is the name of a plant native to tropical and subtropical areas. It is specially grown for its knobbly and rutted root. The most quantity of Ginger is grown in Jamaica. It is also grown in large quantities in India and Africa as well. The name of this root is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning 'horn root', obviously relating to its knobbly looks. The skin of the root is of a tan colour and the colour of the flesh can range from pale green or yellow to white. It is universally appreciated for its flavour, which is on the peppery side and a bit sweet, and the aroma is heady and spicy.
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You but what does it mean

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