What Does The Name Drexel Mean?


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The family name "Drexel" is traditionally of German origin. The name is believed to mean "turner" and is derived from the name "Drehseler" which is a Middle High German name. It was a name that is believed to have been taken from a lathe worker or a turner and thus can be said to be a professional last name. There are several ways in which the family name Drexel can be written as Drechsler, Drexler, Traxler, Draxler, Dressler, Dressel, Drexell etc.

The coat of arms of the family has just two colours scarlet orange and royal blue. The coat of arms contains four squares with diagonally opposite ones having the same colour pattern. The scarlet has a winged dragon supporting a column in its forepaws depicted while the blue depicts three silver crowns.

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