What Does The Name Chapman Mean?


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Chapman is a first name for males and a common surname. It is a derivative of the Saxon word Caepman which in turn originated from the Old German word choufman or koufman. It means a market man or a merchant. A peddler who goes from place to place selling his wares is known as Chapman. Thus Chapman is an occupational name and surname. The genealogy and existence of this name can be traced back to the medieval ages. It is less common as a first name than as a surname.

Chaplain, chap, Chappy etc are variants of this name. This surname is more common in English than in any other language. This word is also spelled as cepeman, cypman, cypmann, chepmon, caepmon, and even shapman. Chapmen in the older days are believed to have sold things like chapbooks and pamphlets even during times when not many were literate.

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