What Does The Name Minerva Mean?


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Minerva refers to a Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom. The name "Minerva" is probably imported from the Etruscans who called her Menrva.

Minerva was the descendant of Jupiter and Metis. She was well thought-out to be the virgin divinity of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, crafts and the inventor of music. As Minerva Medica, she was the divinity of medication and doctors. Romans said that Minerva was not born in the customary way, but somewhat Jupiter had a horrifying pain and Vulcan opened up his cranium and out appeared Minerva dressed in protective covering and holding a protect; this representation has fascinated Western writers and artists all the way through the ages. Ovid referred to her as the "goddess of a thousand works."
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The name Minerva is a very popular female first name and a popular surname. It is a feminine name. It is of Latin origin. The meaning of the word Minerva is "the mind". Minerva was the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom. It is equivalent to the Greek goddess Athena.

The name Minerva finds its roots in the Roman and Greek mythology. Roman's had several God's and goddess's for rain, war, famine etc. Minerva is the goddess of Wisdom, intelligence and learning. Children and scholars would worship Minerva to seek help with learning their grammar or understand their math better. Or an emperor would ask her to give him wisdom to rule the country better.

Minerva was also the goddess of war and craft and the soldiers would pray and ask for her help during war.
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Minerva means wise

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