What Does A Change In White Matter Mean On A Brain Scan?


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I am a 42 year old female and have been having extreme fatigue and have developed high blood pressure this year as well as high cholesterol and some dizziness.  I went to have an MRI today of my pituitary gland because I am also have problems regulating my hormones.  I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago.  I spoke to the tech performing the mri and I remember my doctor saying last year my brain scan was "fairly" normal.  The tech looked at my records and said that I had some changes in my white matter.  I will not have results until Monday but is this any reason for concern?
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Thank you for giving inputs that you have MS which makes easy for me to answer. The MS is a disorder of CNS in which myelin sheath of a neuron is lost. On MRI, white matter show some lesions which can be MS lesions. These lesions continue to develop and degenerate. But there are many peoples who have MS without brain lesion. These lesions are in white color on the scan. To see the pictures of these lesions, visit MS lesions.
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no i have not be confirmed with ms i have all the symptoms of ms I'm waiting to go back to see my neurologist in October just wondered what the white matter change meant after my brain scan?

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