What Does Tenderness Mean?


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It means that it is now chewy and hard to bite through or tear apart with your teeth. Tough meat will be real chewy and difficult to eat where a piece of Tenderloin will be almost like butter sometimes. You can break it apart by just pulling it with a fork as opposed to cutting with a knife.

If on the other hand you are speaking of the act of tenderness, it is being gentle and understanding with someone that is going through a difficult time or being soft and loving.

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Muddassar Memon answered
Tenderness basically is an expression generally applied to express considerably positive form of relations among lovers, but also has additional examples like tenderly care by parents towards kids; tenderly care by nurses towards patients, love, relation and care are interconnected to tenderness.

Love and relationships are fundamental dimensions of human experience which is diversely expressed as a sense of tender friendliness. The theory of love is not open to a particular dependable definition. It is a topic of substantial debate, enduring speculation along with considerate introspection.

As a rough calculation, various aspects of love can be explained by comparing its results and opposites. As a universal expression of optimistic emotion, love is usually contrasted with hate, as not as much of self centred and more shared sign of strong desire.

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