What Does The Latin Prefix 'Ad' Mean?


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Near. As in the medical term adrenal. The adrenal glands are near the renal system, the kidneys
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The Latin prefix 'ad' is used to convey the idea of something that is placed near something or towards something. The use of this prefix is one of the most popular in the English speaking world and you will find its use in the terms 'ad hoc', 'ad hominem', 'ad infinitum' and many other words.

'Ad infinitum' is a term that is used when you are intending to convey a phenomenon in which something is ever lasting and never coming to an end or something that is happening again and again. Given below is a sentence that can make you understand the word well: You are not allowed to stay here ad infinitum without any rent. The sentence says that somebody cannot stay somewhere forever without payment.

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