What Does The Name Aladdin Mean?


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Aladdin is an Arabic name. It is derived from 'Allah din' which when translated in to English means 'nobility of faith'.

The fictional tale 'Aladdin's magic lamp' is one of the most famous stories from the Book of One Thousand and One Nights. Interestingly contrary to popular belief, the original tale is set in China, not in Arabia. The story is of a poor young man Aladdin who lives with his widowed mother in a Chinese city. One day a sorcerer approaches him claiming to be his long lost uncle. He enlists the unsuspecting Aladdin's help to retrieve a magic oil lamp from an underground cave

Lured by the promise of riches that have remained elusive in his life thus far, Aladdin readily agrees. When Aladdin returns to the narrow mouth of the cave, the sorcerer attempts to double cross him, and so Aladdin keeps the lamp for himself. Later, much to his delight he finds the lamp holds a powerful djinn captive, who automatically becomes the slave of the lamp's owner. Aladdin uses the genie to gain much wealth in addition to an exceptionally beautiful princess bride.

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