Where Does The Surname Teixeira Come From?


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The name Teixeira is most commonly found in the following countries:

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Brazil
The origin of the name is traceable to a region of Spain, and may also be inspired by the local word for 'Yew tree'.

What does Teixeira mean?
The name is most likely to originate from the Spanish region of Galicia. From there, its usage traveled to Portugal, eventually finding its way to Brazil.

The word originates from the Galician term for Yew tree (which is teixo). In fact, the Yew tree was an origin of several Spanish names because of its abundance in the country.

The popular South American surname Aguinaga followed a similar linguistic evolution from a Spanish word for the Yew tree.

Where does the name Teixeira come from?
The history of names like Teixeira are often associated with discriminated minorities. In times of political unrest, people would change their last names to avoid persecution.

Names that were based on natural surroundings were very popular choices because they didn't specifically denote any religious allegiance - but they also didn't stand out as being 'different' or 'unusual'.
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The name is most common in Madura, Brazil and Pontgmin according to records.

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