What Is The Origin Of The Last Name "Roldan"comes From?


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The last name Roldan is of Scottish origin and this has also been proved by the people who carry out research in the field. The name comes from Scotland and there are many variations of the name as well which include Rowlands, Rowland, Rolan and many others as well. To be specific, a family with this surname was first found to be living in Ayrshire according to the rolls taken by the early kings of Scotland. The name Roldan means ‘renowned land’.
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I am a Roldan and the origin of the surname makes me confused. I already searched about,got to a conclusion,but for the first time I found it saying that has a Scotish origin. I found the web site that says that and I'm really thinking about buying more information about it. My Roldan is family comes from Zaragoza,Spain. Didnt really find anything that says the origin of it...only infos that could be it,but not sure it is. For example, Rolands legend -> (you can read about it a lil in this link) and as you can see it at the bottom part,Charlemange's troops were comming back from Zaragoza,which Roland(Roldan) was with them. So that would be the origin. Or my family being from Zaragoza and Roldan diying in Zaragoza can be coincidence.
Theres a detail that can be crucial or not in that matter : A mark on Roldan's surname. The spanish Roldan is written Roldán. The scotish Roldan has no mark. That can be only a variation or can really be the explanation for the confusion. Mine has no my confusion will it can be a coincidence or an writting mistake that came among the years.
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My maiden name is roldan and my grandfather has literally made it his life's work (What he actually named the 4lb folder) to research our genealogy and found that we are related to Spanish conquistadors. In particular a man named Francisco roldan, who become something of a governor in the Spanish canary islands appointed by Christopher Columbus, but then later lead a revolt against Spain to free the ppl. So my understanding is that the name is Spanish in origin, so like you, I'm a bit confused. I am extremely proud of my name and now make it my duty to teach my daughter's the heritage as well as culture and make sure they know that their great great grandparents came from Spain and that is who we are.

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