What Is The Verb Form For Facile?


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The verb form of the adjective facile is facilitate. It is slightly different in meaning from the adjective, though. Facile usually means "easily done" or "easily said" but often with a slightly negative meaning e.g. "a facile statement" is an oversimplified, superficial one which shows no real grasp of the facts (e.g. "We need to reduce crime" could be called a facile statement, since it offers no analysis or helpful ideas.)

On the other hand, the verb to facilitate is neutral in meaning; it just means "to make easy/ easier; to further or help." For example, you might send someone a pre-addressed envelope to facilitate their reply to your letter.

The noun form is facilitation, and has the same meaning as the verb. A slightly different noun form is facility, which has the meaning either of easiness (e.g., fluency in speaking a language) or a service/ piece of equipment provided to make life easier (e.g. baby changing facilities in public toilets.)

All these forms come from the French word facile, "easy."

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