What's The "Nombre De Mi Mascota Favorita" In English?


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The term "nombre de mi mascota favorita" is the Spanish translation of the English sentence "Name my favorite pet" or "my favorite pet name".

If each word were to be translated separately, the Spanish word "nombre" would translate to the English word "name", however "nombre" is also French for the English word "number". "De" translates from Spanish to the English word "of". "Mi" is Spanish for "my", "mascota" meaning "name" and "favorita" meaning "favorite". "Favorita" is also "favorite" in the Portuguese language, however these two languages are closely related.

If the independently translated words were to be written in English in the same order as they appear in the Spanish sentence, the translation would read "name of my pet favorite". This doesn't make much sense as an English translation, however in Spanish it isn't wrong to start sentences with the subject, object or verb. This isn't the case if the sentence is a question, however. In most cases, the verb is the most common starting point for statements or sentences.

Although the order of words in sentences changes in Spanish, the meaning of the written or spoken sentences all translates to the same meaning of English sentence. A common use for the alterations in order of the words in a sentence is to add emphasis to a certain point within the sentence, similar to the use of italics in written English. This isn't always the intention when deciding on word order within a Spanish sentence, however.
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The translation of this Spanish sentence is "What is the name of my favorite mascot?"
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Name of my favorite pet.
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