What Does Temperance Mean?


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The term temperance means moderation or self-restrain in action. Customarily, bars created by the temperance organization supported a moderate approach of life, mainly in context to the utilization of alcohol, but over the period of years shifted in the direction of self-discipline exclusively. Temperance bars having full temperance licenses were at one period of time a widespread sight in a number of high streets as well as shopping areas of North England. This movement had widespread support, fuelled chiefly by Methodists.

The bars frequently asked their regulars to sign a promise of Temperance, which meant that they would refrain from intoxicating liquors. Temperance Bars were the initial outlets to serve the drink Vimto, which was provided in the early 1900s, prior to being sold in superstore chains.
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Temperance has many applications in many cases.
For eg:Temperance Bar refers to bars of the temperance movement opposed to alcohol
Temperance as a virtue means the practice of moderation
Temperance movement is the movement to banish or at the very least reduce the amount of alcohol consumed
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Temperance means:
1 (noun). Moderation and self-restraint, as in behavior or expression
2 (n). Restraint in the use of or abstinence from alcoholic liquors

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