What Does Squamous Mean?


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The term squamous has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word Squamosus. Squamosius was an alteration of squama which means scale. Squamous is an adjective and is used to describe anything that is formed of or wrapped in scales. For example: she scrapped of the squamous sheath from the fish skin. It indicates that she scrapped the scaly layer.

Squamous could also mean 'resembling a scale'. For example: squamous cells of epithelium. It explains that the cells are scale-like. There are squamous cells in the epithelium (outer layer of our skin) of oral cavity, oesophagus, vagina and rectum. Thus, the epithelium is also called squamous epithelium. Even something that relates to a plate-like part found on the temporal bone is also referred to as squamous.

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