What Does Standard Mean?


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Standards are a general term that can have a number of different meanings. In the context of a person, it can mean the minimum acceptable level of work, relationships, and code of conduct. In the context of a business, it means the level of service or quality that is to be delivered to every customer. So clearly this is a word with a number of different meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

In the context of cars, it can mean that your transmission has to be shifted by the driver, the opposite of an automatic transmission where the gears are shifter automatically. Standards also has very specific meanings in a number of disciplines such as:

  • Many branches in the field of science
  • Information technology
  • Mathematics

Standard can also refer to the name of several towns and cities in the United States and elsewhere around the world as well as the name of one of the most famous oil companies in history. It is a popular business name in many industries because the name implies quality and integrity. In music, standard means a tried and true favorite that everyone needs to know how to play and everyone wants to hear the song, jazz standard is a common term among musicians and fans of the music genre.

  • What do standards imply?

In relationships either romantic, business, or friendship, standards imply integrity and class. People want to be associated with others who have class and set of standards that they can identify with and admire. When you do business with someone, you want to deal with someone who has a minimum standard and consistent product. When you go to see a doctor, you want one with a certain standard of care that proves his patients are his number one priority.
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Standards are used to determine the level of an individual in any given firm, institute, teaching faculties, companies and by various groups of peoples. These standards are produced by many organizations, some of these companies only for their internal use.
These companies form interest groups and obtain mutual gains in coordinated action. These standards also help an individual to get motivated and reach a higher post or standard at the work place.

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