What Does Subjectivity Mean?


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The term subjectivity refers to the property of perceptions, language and arguments that are being based on a subject point of view. Subjectivity is influenced in the accordance with a particular bias. Subjectivity is the opposite property of objectivity. Subjectivity in philosophy refers to very specific interpretations of any aspect of experiences. In philosophy it also states that subjectivity is also unique to the person who experiences them.
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Subjectivity can be defined as the perspective, feelings and beliefs of a person. It describes the unjustified personal opinions as compare to the knowledge and justified beliefs. Subjectivity is the opposite of objectivity and it may show the specific discerning interpretations of any aspect. For example, if a person gives his opinions about the global financial issues without giving any factual information, then his beliefs and views would be considered as subjective.
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It mean who is the basic worker on some problems.

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