What Does Resort Mean?


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The word 'resort' can be used both as a noun and as a verb and when you are using it as a noun it describes a kind of place, which mostly people use when they are on holiday or vacation. You can find the use of the word in this context in many newspapers and advertisement that are promoting their place for the people who are on vacation.

Sometimes the word can also be used in association with 'to something' to convey the idea of an act that has been taken because there was no other alternative left for the person. The synonymous term that you can use to convey the same idea is 'recourse' and the sentence that can make the meaning clear is following: There is little hope that the conflict can be sorted out without resort to the violent way. You can also use the word for the last or final course of action of something.

As a verb the word is used as part of a phrasal verb and when you are using the verb 'resort to something' you are making use of something, which is usually bad to attain your goal as you are left with no other alternative.
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The word resort means recourse to, turning to, measure, expedient, option, and choice. It also means a place where a lot of people spend their holidays.

If you resort to a course of action that you do not really approve of, you adopt it because you cannot see any other way of achieving what you want to achieve.

If you have to have resort to something you would rather not do, you believe you have to do it in order to succeed in something else.

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