What Is Small-scale Multipath Propagation?


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Small Scale Multi-path Propagation
Rapid changes in the signal strength, over small travel distances, or over small time intervals, Random frequency modulation due to varying Doppler shifts on different multiples signals

Depression (echoes) of time formed by a multi-path propagation impediment
Reflections, Dispersion, and Multi-path occur due to the Multi-path.
On the receiver end: Radio waves are produced since the broadcast signals receive
from various directions
Different propagation delays
Different amplitudes (random)
Different phases (random)
Different angles of arrival (random).
These multi-path components combine vectorially at the receiver antenna and cause the total signal

To Fade
To Distort
Main components of Multi-path: receiving radio signals incoming from several directions to the receiver
Factors Influencing Small Scale Fading: Multi-path propagation, Presence of reflecting objects and scatterers cause multiple versions of the signal to arrive at the receiver
With different amplitudes and time delays, causes the total signal at receiver to fade or distort.

The mobile speed that trigger Doppler shift on the multi-path module, can generate random frequency modulation, rate of encircle objects, causes time-varying .Doppler shift on the multi-path module, charcteristics can be expressed by the wireless channel by the function of impulse response, due to time varying channel.

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