Where Does The Surname Platt Originate From?


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The name Platt has two possible origins:

  • An old French word meaning 'flat surface'
  • A 7th century Old English word meaning 'plank bridge'
Where does the surname Platt come from?
The name Platt is often associated with the French word plat, which means 'a flat surface'.

Several French noblemen of the 1200s are recorded as having the last name De Plat meaning 'of the flat land'.

Based on this explanation, the name probably first arrived on British shores through the Norman invasion of England in 1066.

What is the origin of the name Platt?
Another possibility is that the name Platt comes from an archaic English word - plaett.

In the context, the name refers to a flat wooden bridge, and would have been shared by people living near this type of construction.

In England, surnames only became necessary under King Henry III when he introduced the concept of poll tax.

Until then, there were very few records of people's names, and this makes it difficult to know exactly how the name Platt came into existence.

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