What Does Dinner Mean?


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The word dinner originates from the French word diner and has various meanings, it can also mean as the chief meal of the day, consumed in the midday. The word dinner can also denote a banquet or formal dinner in honour of an individual or event.

A more formal definition of "dinner", particularly outside North America, is one meal consisting of many courses. The minimum is generally two but it can exceed to seven.

In various parts of the world, dinner is considered as the chief meal of the day which consists of animal proteins and rice, potatoes or noodles.

Dinner can also indicate a more sophisticated meal like a banquet. In former times it was customary to have dinner earlier in the day. But with gradual urbanisation and industrialisation, this system was further changed.

In the United Kingdom, due to the difference in custom as to when the proper meal was taken, dinner may indicate the evening meal. It was very typical in the higher classes of the society.

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