What Does The Name Laurence Mean?


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Laurence is a popular male name. It is the variant of other popular male first names like Larry, Lawrence, Laurel and Laurean. The name is pronounced as LOR-ents. The word has a Roman origin, "of Laurentum," meaning "belonging to the city of Laurentum in ancient Italy." Saint Laurence was a 3rd century martyr who hailed from Rome. It is believed that he was roasted alive because he refused to hand over the church's treasure which he had provided to the deprived and the sick.

The name Laurence is also used on females particularly in France. It is pronounced as lo-Rawns in accordance with the French usage. Name analysts perceive people with the name "Laurence" to be loyal, courageous, dutiful and a person of honour and dignity.
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The name
Lawrence is a boy's name and it has French and Latin origins. In both these
languages, the meaning of the name is same. The name means “crowned with laurel”.
The name is actually a variant for of another name; Laurence. The name is quite
common in English speaking countries especially Canada, America and England.  

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