What Does The Name Shaiann Mean?


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Shai-ann means Adorable, Cute, Atractive.
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This name is probably a different spelling of the name Cheyenne. Which is the name of a native Indian tribe from the United States, who made up one of the major tribes of American Indians.
The best way to find out exactly what the history of this tribe is, would be to look it up a book on the different tribes that existed, and still exist ,in American reservations today. This is a fascinating subject, full of customs and stories.
Often names are changed in spelling, but since your name is phonetically similar, I think this was the source of it, and there are probably many other variations in spelling, throughout America and elsewhere.
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Shaiann is a tribe name and they say shaianns look like short people with brown hair and brown eyes they are usually crazy and fun to be around

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