What Does The Term 'Dim' Mean In Vb?


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More specifically, Declaration In Memory.
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Dim is a statement which is used to declare the variables in Visual Basic.NET. Visual Basic.NET is abbreviated as VB.NET. Microsoft, which has created the Visual Basic.NET (or VB.NET) programming language, has now made Option Explicit the default option. Users can now declare all sorts of variables in the VB.NET language merely by using the Dim statement.

The VB.NET programming language has been modified and is now strongly typed. The Microsoft Corporation does not recommend that its users use variable prefixes anymore, like they used to do in the early stages of the development of the VB.NET programming language.

Earlier users were encouraged to name an integer variable such as intMyVariable to ensure that it was clear that the variable was intended to be used as an integer. However, the scenario has now changed for the better. The VB.NET programming language does not permit the users to mix types of variable together anymore. It is, therefore, unnecessary to use the variable prefix anymore.

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