What Does Meter Mean?


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Its a basic unit of measurement
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Meter is the basic unit of measuring length in the metric system and SI systems. It is also known as metre. Metre is an English term while meter is the American variant of the term. Metre is slightly longer than 1 yard. It is equal to 1000 millimeters, 100 cm, 3.2808399 ft, or 39.370079 inches or in other terms 1/10th of a meter is a decimeter; 1/100th is a centimeter; 1/100th is a millimeter.

Meter is also a musical term but sometimes not fully understood. It refers to the pattern in which a steady succession of rhythmic pulses is set up. It is indicated by a meter signature at the beginning of a score. The signature is known as time signature. Hence it consists of the hierarchical ordering of the piece of music into units of equal duration.

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