What Does Kindness Mean?


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Well kindness means to me is treating other how you would like to be treated  it means going out of your way to help people even if you don't want to . I THINK PEOPLE JUST OVERLOOK THINGS AND MORE SO FAST TROUGH THEIR DAY THAT WE SOMETIMES FORGET WHAT WE ARE LIVING FOR   THAT IS what I THINK kINDNESS IS
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Oh my, kindness can mean so many things, it is hard to pick out just one characteristic. Kindness is exhibited by someone that is warm hearted (meaning concerned about others) and generous of their time as well as their money. Someone that is considerate of others and has what some would call a tender spirit or caring spirit would be a person that shows kindness. A person that does good deeds without any expectation of reward would be a person of kindness. The Bible says in Ephesians that we should be kind to each other, tenderhearted and forgiving. Sometimes that is a big undertaking when the person we are dealing with is not a nice person, isn't it?? Yet, if we humans of the world would just exhibit kindness to one another we could do away with all the prisons and turn them into spas. Nice thought!
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Doing  something  special  for  someone  Or  helping  someone out with acts  of  kindness
Having  a  kind  heart  and  treating  people  with  respect  and caring
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Kindness can be best described as the quality of being considerate, caring, humane and sympathetic. It may also be associated with a forgiving nature or an attribute of someone who has the tendency to be forgiving and kind. An act of kindness is an act which is unselfish and charitable or an act which is done without any devious ulterior motives.

Kindness is considered to be one of the finer virtues of humanity. It is often pointed out, more frequently in a cynical or satirical, manner that it is a quality seldom seen in today's world. It is also one of many Knightly Virtues.

In several religions kindness is considered to be one of those noble values that man must strive to attain in order to draw closer to the Almighty. Aristotle defines kindness as an emotion in Rhetoric. In the Bible Paul the Apostle describes love as being both kind and patient.
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Kindness means to me to be polite, helpful, honest, truthful, obedient, patient, intelligent, but now I will tell you a truthful thing that I am not kind

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