What Does Sprig Duck Mean?


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Sprig duck is another name for pintail duck. It is also known as spreet-tail. These ducks are very large and the drake or the male of this species have a long pin tail. The female of these species do not have this pin tail and is brownish and drab as compared to the males. The males are very handsome. They are white in colour. These birds are the natives of central and pacific areas. These ducks are very swift swimmers and their speed is accompanied with a lot of grace and elegance.

Many are of the opinion that sprig ducks are the most graceful among the ducks. They have a slender neck, soft voice and a natural modesty which sets it apart from the other ducks. They live in lakes, marshes, rivers, swamps and ponds. They are migratory in nature and during winter go in search of warmer climates. Their flight is rapid and noiseless. Anus Acuta is their scientific name.

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