What Is The Act Of Stereotyping?


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I think stereotyping is assuming a person or persons like or do certain things based on there race..Like saying "White people can't dance" and "Black people love Chicken" and so on...Not all stereotypes are true, but to be honest most of them are in general true, Like if I see a big ole truck with mud swampers and a dog box in the back, I would be stereotyping to say man look at that "redneck" and I would say 9 out of 10 times I would be right. Same applies to seeing a car on 24 inch rims and painted bright purple..I would say man look at that black persons car and 9 out of 10 times I would be right..There is no crime or racism involved in that, just truth in observation. Now if a person were to "Profile" a certain race, and taget them for what ever reason That is BS and very wrong..but that only proves what I'm saying is true..Profiling could not be done if there were not some truth to stereotyping to begin with.
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Stereotyping is making and/or acting on a decision you've made about a person based on their race or religion

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